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At our company, Journey Gym, we are working to change 5 million lives through providing the "health and fitness system for the rest of us". In order to do that we need to consistently and effectively communicate with our customer before, during and after the sale, with our global distributors on a very regular basis and with the rest of the world daily via social media, email and events.

In order to do this we had purchased all the usual suspects for CRM (Salesforce.com), for Project Management (Basecamp/Backpack & then Teamwork), for Email Campaigns (MailChimp), for Microsite Development (WordPress), etc., etc. All of which are on monthly subscriptions, none of which communicate with the other systems and all of which require team adoption to create true business efficiencies.

Initially, we just utilized BusinessEssentials as our new Email Campaign platform, moving from MailChimp, but after a few months and after truly getting to understand all that BusinessEssentials can do, we are moving to it for all of the above purposes (PM, CRM, MD, etc.). There are 3 reasons we are including:

1) VALUE - it is simply more affordable, simpler and effective to have a single "business operating system" if you will that takes care of all of our major software systems needs all in one stop.

2) ALL IN ONE - it actually communicates with, integrates into and adds value to all of the various systems it has all in one place (email speaks to CRM, which speaks to the PM, etc.) and that simply isn't anywhere else.

3) ADOPTION - it allows for our team to actually adopt all of these systems at one time and so if one person is just on email within BusinessEssentials, they can move to utilizing the CRM easily and effectively as it is the same platform.

That's it for us...that is why we use BusinessEssentials!

Journey Gym team

Business Essentials is definitely a great communication tool and helps me communicate with both the groups I lead and the communities I serve.

Karen Carlsen-Carney, Partner, Advantage Performance Group

First of all, thanks for helping us get our information into Business Essentials. It is fantastic! Thanks again, this is so much easier than any other CRM. Plus, we really appreciate all of the support.

Barbara Cavanaugh, Allstates WorldCargo

The Teamr/Business Essentials site has been a great resource for me. I first used it to manage a soccer team. Currently I use it for an attorney's association. Very creative and well thought out.

Rick Winblad, Winblad Law PLLC

I implemented Business Essentials in December of 2012. The CRM has been amazing and there have been no surprises. I have used many other CRM’s including the big ones and Business Essentials does as much if not more for a fraction (stress fraction) of the cost. Great product, great support, don’t let the low cost fool you.

Spencer Evans, UsedEverywhere.com

Business Essentials was so instrumental in helping us coordinate our charity event! We had 30 people pre-register. We were hoping 60 would show up. We ended up with 90 people! Our max was 100. We are very happy with the result and would like to thank Business Essentials for all your help.

Effie Stone, The Spoon

By simplifying and streamlining many of our basic business operations and marketing (such as our web site, contact management, and email marketing), Business Essentials has allowed V Corp to concentrate on its core business of developing advanced mathematical algorithms for “beyond state-of-the-art” performance in next-generation electronics and communications systems. V Corp is a small technology firm with limited resources, and we benefit greatly from Business Essentials’s efficiency-enhancing features and intuitive, easy-to-use interface (without the unnecessary complexity and long learning curve of competing products). Since using Business Essentials, V Corp has nearly doubled its year-to-date revenue with an increasing number of new prospects in the pipeline.

Dr. Scott R. Velazquez, President, V Corp Technologies, Inc.

Business Essentials is a great product from beginning to end. The staff has been so helpful! They transferred my data and gave me a personal lesson on how easy their software is to use. Thank you Business Essentials!

Jessica Larios, Owner - The Wildlife Company

Business Essentials has been an incredibly effective CRM tool for Sustainable Surplus. This is such an all-encompassing program that has the capacity to grow with the organization. Its technical support staff is very responsive! We have new sign-ups almost every day and we definitely benefit from the ability to track our results of our online campaigns. By gauging website page visits, Business Essentials helps us understand our visitor’s interests.

Sue Prelozni, Founder - Sustainable Surplus Exchange

Thanks to Business Essentials, I now have one user-friendly platform system where I can build, manage, and grow my contacts. Business Essentials to me is like having my own personal assistant without the cost of one! The depth that Business Essentials allows me to go in while building and managing my contacts help me take my business to a more personal level with my customers. Business Essentials helps me build my business, and strengthen relationships.

Erin Fader, Owner - Erin Fader Jewelry Design

We have been using Business Essentials for our website and Customer Relationship Management for a few years now and find it extremely helpful and user friendly, not to mention cost effective in compared to competitors. Sending our monthly and weekly event advertisements has never been easier, all while being able to post directly to our website and social media from one dashboard.

Nicolo Becucci, Owner - Crepes & Corks Restaurant & Wine Bar

As a personal trainer, every second counts and the more clients I can fit into my day the more successful I can be in helping as many people as possible get fit and healthy. Green Rope allows me to keep track my clients profile and statistics: weight, body fat, 1 rep max, heart rate etc. I can see where we started and keep records of where we are to date. When you are as busy as I am, having someone else remind me of the details is what’s important. Thanks Business Essentials!

Michael Cummings BSPT, CSCS, Premier Fit Club

Business Essentials has enabled my chiropractic practice to effectively put in place a marketing campaign and educate my patients with personalized monthly wellness newsletters. Within in minutes, I can easily design a professional newsletter and monitor my campaign by using Business Essentials's tracking system. I routinely use Business Essentials to stay in touch with my clients by sending welcome letters, thank you notes and birthday cards. In the past, I have outsourced my marketing campaigns, but nothing has been easier to use and more cost effective than Business Essentials.

Kyle Tetz, DC, ProRehab Chiropractic Wellness Center

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how easy this is to use! It's super awesome! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Exceeded my expectations. You guys rock!

R. Corea - Pacific San Diego Magazine

I LOVE Business Essentials! I am telling everyone about it - it is so wonderful! Thank you!

C. Curry - SEEDS.org

Business Essentials is very user-friendly and works well for me. It does exactly what I need to manage my group!

C. Richards - Grill Adventures

I just wanted to say how much Business Essentials has improved the efficiency and marketing presence at Buckboard Catering Company. For operations I extensively use the calendar option and link in our Contracts and Analyses as well as Projects. For marketing I have sent out multiple e-mail blasts and have directly booked events from them (26% read rate with a 10% effective rate). I monitor our Website traffic on a daily basis and have added a web form to our existing website for new sign-ups for our mailing list.

B. Benson - Buckboard Catering

I sure wish I had Business Essentials available to me years ago. Business Essentials simply blows away the other programs I've seen. I'm so glad I've been able to eliminate Aweber, Survey Monkey, and BaseCamp and streamline my business!

S. Escoto - IT Mentor Apps

The American College of Norway is a small educational institution that was in dire need of a good tool to gather, analyze and store information about our current student body, potential students, alumni, as well as staff, faculty and other educational partners. We started using Business Essentials in March and were amazed at how quickly the system has been intergrated into our daily routine. Our Business Essentials account was set up within an hour and large amounts of data was imported in a very short period of time. We could start using Business Essentials immediately! We are constantly learning and developing new, efficient ways to use Business Essentials to manage our organization and to maximize the conversion rate of potential students to current students!

B. Norvang - American College of Norway

Business Essentials's platform is so wonderfully user-friendly, it allows us to strictly focus on our ongoing work at hand: the content management. We log in, do what we need to do, and log out. Quick, easy, done! We thank you and your entire team. It is working beautifully!

L. Marina, Southern California Business Marketing Association

Business Essentials is super cool! After getting set up, and adjusting to a small learning curve and super support from your team, our newsletter blasted out to our network in a matter a very short time (after I transferred the data from MailChimp). Our ticketing and registration, views to our web site are going off! Holy Cow!

Ray Hivoral - San Diego Entrepreneur Center (SDEC)

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