Business Essentials Integrates with GoToMeeting

Do you use GoToMeeting to host conference calls, webinars or online meetings?  Business Essentials now integrates with GoToMeeting, so that you can easily manage all of your online meetings.


  • Import GoToMeeting teleconferences into Business Essentials Events to effectively manage all of your online meetings
  • View and track all GoToMeeting attendees, so that you can view which contacts attended
  • Import contacts from your GoToMeeting and add them to specific groups for future follow up and marketing campaigns 

Any contact not already in Business Essentials can be easily imported in, as well as assigned to a specific group, allowing users to manage, track, and follow up with attendees. 


Connect Business Essentials to your GoToMeeting account


View and track all 'teleconference' attendees


Add contacts to a specific group

No download necessary! Find the GoToMeeting integration when you login to your Business Essentials account. 

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