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BusinessEssentials New Features!

Another month, another set of upgrades and new features for your BusinessEssentials account. Every day, the BusinessEssentials team works to make your user experience the best it can possibly be. We thrive on your feedback, and aim to provide the most feature-rich and efficient platform to help your business thrive.

Here are just a few upgrades we’ve made:

1. Badges on the Dashboard. If you have logged into your BusinessEssentials account lately, you will notice badges at the top. These badges represent features you have and haven’t used. Use these badges to help you discover the power of BusinessEssentials and explore BusinessEssentials many features. Each time you make use of one of our many features the respective badge will light up. See how many BusinessEssentials features you can put to use! Game on, BusinessEssentials!

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 4

2. New cheat sheets. Always available on the Help page, we’ve added a couple more. Simply login, go to the Help page and take a look at all the new Help PDFs we have made just for your convenience.

3. More Templates. BusinessEssentials just rolled out two new website templates; Executive Pro and Visionary Pro. Both are professional looking templates and easy to customize using the BusinessEssentials website builder.

Executive Pro TemplateVisionary PrO

4. Task Reminder. There is now a red border around overdue CRM activities in your Dashboard Calendar. Never miss another task or activity again!

Remember, the BusinessEssentials mission is to provide a user-friendly, all-in-one solution to consolidate, simplify, and automate your daily sales and marketing operations. BusinessEssentials IS your partner in business.

If you are interested in learning more about the platform join any of our monthly webinars, or sign up for VIP Support and join Lars Helgeson, CEO and Founder every Thursday, to discuss the platform as well as tips, tricks, and strategies.  Contact for more information.

Please contact for any questions you have regarding the platform.