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Google+: The Social Network You Should Be Using 

Google  Features

Google+ is a rapidly growing social network. According to a study done by the GlobalWebIndex , Google+ has surpassed Twitter and is now the 2nd most popular social network out there. For all of you that disregarded Google+, now is the time to reconsider. Google+ is powerful, effective, and very useful for small business marketing. With 343 million active users, Google+ is a big player, so jump on board.

Google now incorporates Google+ into most all of its products. Each person who signs up for a new Google account is automatically set up with a Google+ social profile. Google is also the most used search engine, and ranks Google+ pages and posts pretty darn high. If not for all of the other cool features Google+ has, which we are about to get into, then you should consider it for SEO purposes. Not to say that Google+ is biased, but it is, and anything that is put onto Google+ has a better chance of showing up in search results. Just saying, that’s convincing enough for me. That is one of the main reasons that marketers first started putting their businesses on Google+ in the first place. Now, the social network has made so many changes and added many cool features that it is simply the place to be.

Google+ Features include:

  • Google+ Pages: Similar to Facebook pages, but higher ranking in search engines. You can post, add photos, create Communities, engage with people in your circles, etc. Google+ posts rank pretty high in Google, so even though you may not post daily, it is good to post a couple of times a week to keep it current and updated. Google likes that. J
  • Google+ Communities: This is probably my favorite new feature from Google+. Communities work like a LinkedIn Group. Communities exist for everything. BusinessEssentials happens to be a member of many small businesses, CRM, Sales and Marketing communities. This is a chance for your business to post and share with other businesses and users interested in the same industry and topics. Share your latest blog posts with the community, answer questions, and show your knowledge. You can access Google+ Communities both as a company and an individual, making them, in my opinion, even more valuable than LinkedIn groups.
  • Google+ Hangouts: Google+ Hangouts are pretty awesome. Host or join a discussion with businesses, people in your circles, communities, etc. Hangout is basically video chat with up to nine different people. The coolest part about a Google+ Hangout? You can make it live, so that other people can watch it. When you enable a Hangout on Air, the hangout is recorded and then turned into a YouTube video that you can share. This is great for panel discussions, meetings, etc.
  • Google+ Events: Post events, including Hangouts in Google+ events. Events will show you all the events, both physical and online that are going on with the people in your circles, businesses, and communities. Google has also added an extra bonus called Party Mode, which enables you to snap photos during the event and post them to everyone at the party in real time. Google+ Events also has an array of invitation themes, so that you can send out happy hour or professional invitations depending on the event.

All in all, Google+ is a marketing powerhouse and a social network any sized business should utilize. With so many features and relevant users, Google+ cannot be ignored. Refer back to the BusinessEssentials blog to learn more about making your Google+ updates shine.