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The Art of Incentivizing 

Every business wants to build their fan base, whether it’s their email database, their likes, followers, or customers. Before email marketing, Facebook and Twitter, businesses had to rely on traditional advertising, direct mail, and verbal communication to get the word out and gauge their customer base. With the onslaught of social networks and email marketing software, businesses are now able to reach both their fans and potential fan base in seconds. 
These days, it seems that every business has an email newsletter, a Facebook page and Twitter profile. So, how does a business go about attracting these loyal followers, fans and readers? And a better question, how do they keep them? Answer: Incentives, incentives, incentives. 
The Bait_Incentives
Incentives are a great way to get a customer to “like” your business page or subscribe to your newsletter. If they do not see the value in opening your email in their inbox, they won’t, plain and simple. 
Here are some examples of how to spark potential interest with a few incentives:
1. Use the word FREE. People like getting something for free, but be wary of what you are offering. It is necessary that you offer something valuable, not just a free pen. Offer potential clients a free trial or a free service when they like your Facebook business page. This will incentivize them to go to your Facebook page, “Like” it, and then sign up for a free trial, which can potentially turn into a paying customer. 
2. Provide value. When asking people to sign up for your email newsletter, let them know what they will be receiving. Why should they open your email? What makes your newsletter better and more readable than the hundred of other ones out there? Devote part of your newsletter to your industry news, tips, and tricks. Perhaps offer special, email promotions for subscribers only. 
3. Use Promo Codes. Provide your readers, fans and followers with a special password or promo code that only they can use. If you are a restaurant, retail store, or provide a service, a secret password is a great way for people to become your fans and followers. If they know they are going to have to read your newsletter, or visit your Facebook page to find out what the password is to receive the promotion, the more likely they will. People enjoy being a part of the in-crowd, and what better way than to give them the feeling they belong to an exclusive club? An additional perk for you is that you can track where you are gaining the most traction. Consider using different promo codes for your facebook promotions and your email promotions.
These are just a few ways to get people to follow your brand and keep them coming back for more. Be wary though, as Lincoln once said, "You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time." Make sure you are providing what you promised. Nobody likes an empty promise, and that can result in a loss rather than gain. We cannot stress enough that you must make sure you are providing VALUE. Everyone seems to have something to say these days, but you want to be the ONE they listen to. 
Don’t blab. Get to the point. Provide the information, promotion, service, reward that people need, and they will hold on to it, and, most likely, keep coming back. 
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