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BusinessEssentials Featured User: Journey Gym 

Journey Gym is the world's first truly portable gym, and BusinessEssentials featured user this week. The journey gym brings consistency back to your fitness life by going anywhere that you could and would workout including your home, your office, your hotel, even your back deck. It allows you to get in real alternating strength and cardio workouts, known as circuit training, in just 5 to 20 minutes even when you are on that business trip, when the kids are sick, when life gets hectic.

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"At our company, Journey Gym, we are working to change 5 million lives through providing the "health and fitness system for the rest of us".  In order to do that we need to consistently and effectively communicate with our customer before, during and after the sale, with our global distributors on a very regular basis and with the rest of the world daily via social media, email and events.  

In order to do this we had purchased all the usual suspects for CRM (, for Project Management (Basecamp/Backpack & then Teamwork), for Email Campaigns (MailChimp), for Microsite Development (WordPress), etc., etc.  All of which are on monthly subscriptions, none of which communicate with the other systems and all of which require team adoption to create true business efficiencies.

Initially we just utilized BusinessEssentials as our new Email Campaign platform, moving from MailChimp, but after a few months and after truly getting to understand all that BusinessEssentials can do, we are moving to it for all of the above purposes (PM, CRM, MD, etc.).  There are 3 reasons we are including: 

1) VALUE - it is simply more affordable, simpler and effective to have a single "business operating system" if you will that takes care of all of our major software systems needs all in one stop.

2) ALL IN ONE - it actually communicates with, integrates into and adds value to all of the various systems it has all in one place (email speaks to CRM, which speaks to the PM, etc.) and that simply isn't anywhere else.

3) ADOPTION - it allows for our team to actually adopt all of these systems at one time and so if one person is just on email within BusinessEssentials, they can move to utilizing the CRM easily and effectively as it is the same platform.

That's it for us...that is why we use BusinessEssentials."  - CEO and Founder, John Friess 

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Q&A with John Friess

Q: What was the biggest problem you were experiencing that influenced you to explore a software like BusinessEssentials?

A: Cost, lack of communication between systems and candidly limited adoption by our team created inefficiency among our team and business operations. We were using 3 different project management software systems,, Basecamp and MailChimp, along with our own internal software to manage everyday business. Each system was costly at around £150 per month. Because we had so many systems, there was no consistency within our team. Each team member would use the system they were most comfortable with, and no one used all three. There was no integration which resulted in a vast array of information that was inconsistent and scattered.

Q: What drew you to BusinessEssentials? How did you find out about us? Why did you pick BusinessEssentials over any competing software? 

A: I had utilized the email component for years, but then when I was made aware that the system had evolved to a Business Operating System, I was intrigued. Our issues were not unique, but this platform we took a deeper dive.  We had/have all of the other afore mentioned systems, but we will be quitting them one by one as we move to BusinessEssentials.

Q: How have things changed, specifically, since you have started using BusinessEssentials? What features and functions do you use? 

A: Currently we use BusinessEssentials for email marketing campaigns, project management software for our fitness video development, surveys, CRM, as well as event management, social media and analytics. We have yet to full integrate ourselves, but are well on our way since it has proved to be an efficient way for our team to carry out everyday business operations.

Q: What is the resulting ROI (return on investment) from your perspective? Where have you seen improvements in your everyday strategy? 

A: Paying less for a single Business Operating System vs. a series of independent software systems that collectively do, or don't do, what BusinessEssentials does in one place.  That is the monetary ROI, the other values it brings us are in our testimonial.

Q: What is your vision moving forward? How do you plan to continue with BusinessEssentials?

A: To keep learning more about the other systems within the platform that we haven't used and how they can add value to our efforts as a company to market, sell and support better.

Q: What would you recommend to other similar businesses? 

A: Get a single system.  Get the world's first Business Operating System and stop wasting time researching all of the CRM, PM, Email, Survey, Social Management, CMS, Website builders, etc. out there and don't pay 5 to 7 bills a month when you can pay one for them all, for about 20-30% the cost. This technology has traditionally lived with Fortune 500 companies, and is now readily available for smaller businesses such as Journey Gym.

Q: Is there anything else that makes your situation unique? Anything else that you would like to say about BusinessEssentials and how it has helped your business?

A: Well I love outsourcing all facets of the company that we are not the best in the world at or to spend time on developing what already existing.  BusinessEssentials is totally aligned with that as it gives me a series of tools to simply be more effective and efficient as a company and save, time, energy and dollars along the way. 

For more information about Journey Gym, visit the Journey Gym website.