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HERO Talk: UsedEverywhere


BusinessEssentials users are true business heros! Spencer from UsedEverywhere has taken command by implementing BusinessEssentials to help grow his business. is a family-friendly network of local websites that provides the opportunity to buy, sell, trade and search in a safe environment. One man's trash IS another man's treasure!

So, Spencer sat down with us and told us all about how BusinessEssentials has helped manage and grow his business. 

Company Name:                           

Company Contact: Spencer Evans, Director of Sales

What problem did you need to solve? What were your pain points?   
Our company was lacking a CRM, and had no means to manage the sales process nor visibility on sales activity.

What were your criteria for the perfect solution?
Sales process management, email campaigns, opportunity tracking and forecasting.

Why did you choose BusinessEssentials?
Met requirements, comparable to Sales Force but with added features such as drip campaign capabilities, easier implementation and far less cost (both startup and ongoing) - woohoo 

What features do you use most and why/how?
CRM activities and opportunities, sales lead, drip campaigns, mass email and reporting

Why did you choose BusinessEssentials over competitors? What made BusinessEssentials more attractive?
Cost was key factor while meeting requirements.

What is the ROI? What results have you seen from using BusinessEssentials?
Increased sales and sales rep accountability significantly

How does BusinessEssentials fit into your specific business model?

How has BusinessEssentials changed your overall strategy?
Increased sales rep monitoring, improved customer service and reduced lost opportunities.

Would you recommend BusinessEssentials?

Woohoo! Well, we like to hear this kind of feedback. 

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