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Weekly Roundup: Guest Blogging, Successful People, and More!  

Happy Friday! Here we are again, and here are a few articles and infographics that we loved this week. 

8 Habits of Remarkably Successful People by Jeff Haden from

I always love to read these articles because they inspire me. I want to know what these 'successful' people do, that I do not, and make the change. This is a good one, because all of these tips are something that any of us can do if we want to. 

Read the full article here.

Guest Blogging: You're Doing it Wrong by Larry Alston on the Marketing Tech Blog

Guest blogging

LOVE this article. Guest blogging is an important part in getting your brand's name out there. However, you can't just guest blog for the sake of guest blogging. Your content is part of your brand, and therefore needs to be professional, well written, and meaningful. You can just submit a post for the backlink. This is bad guest blogging etiquette and will tarnish your reputation in the industry. 

Make sure your guest blogs represent what you do. Establish relationships with the bloggers you want to interact with. Also, accept guest bloggers on your website as well! Guest blogging can be very beneficial for a business, just do it right!

Read Larry Alston's article here.



The Blogconomy on Marketing Tech Blog

This is a gem of an infographic. It says a lot of about who blogs and why we blog. We all know it is important to have a blog, and this infographic really spells it out for us. Enjoy!