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6 Key Tips for Creating Great Landing Pages

By Alessandra Ceresa 

Just Landed

Your leads have landed! 

Your landing page is your shining opportunity to turn your website’s visitors into leads. If you read one of our latest blog posts about Inbound Marketing, you would already know how important it is to incorporate landing pages into your strategy.

Here are our top 6 things to keep in mind while building your next lead generation machine!

1. Create compelling headlines. The headline and copy you choose makes a huge difference in the success of your landing page. Both need to be attention grabbing, while complementing each other. If you are offering a free eBook download, make sure to include a little about the book in your copy and why they should download it. Your headline should portray the value the potential lead is receiving if they signup.

2. Build Trust. Don’t make your landing page too ‘sales-y’. Provide something that is going to benefit your visitors. Also, always make sure that you have an opt-in strategy that confirms this person actually signed up for your information.  A Captcha form or a confirmation email should suffice. Please see our blog post, Single Opt-in vs. Double Opt-in for more information. Double-checking your copy for spelling and grammar mistakes is crucial in building trust as well.

3. Include a call-to-action. So, they have read your landing page copy, now what? You’ve got to tell them what to do! Ask them to signup; ask them for their information. Calls-to-action should be obvious and incite a response or ‘action’. A few good active words to include: Register, Download, Discover, Donate, etc. You want to encourage your readers to take an action on the page.

A couple ways to make your call-to-action visible:

  • Make it BIG!
  • Change up the color of the font.
  • Position it correctly on the page. Do not make the reader scroll down.

4. K.I.S.S.: Yep, the age-old, Keep It Simple, Stupid. Make your copy and your call-to-action clear and concise. The visitor needs to know exactly what they are signing up for. Do not include a ton of links guiding them to other places, do not make them scroll around the page to find the signup form, and make sure all of your buttons and call-to-actions stand out.

5. Make it visual.  Graphics illustrating a feeling or an action are a simple, yet effective way to get people to fill out your form, while making your landing page visually attractive. As people spend less time reading, it is important to demonstrate your product, service, call-to-action, etc via an image, rather than a paragraph that most won’t read. Big buttons and color contrasts make certain parts of your landing page stand out over others. Make use of the design. Get creative.

6. Test it out. Finally, we always suggest, test, test, and test some more! Create a couple of different landing pages and see which of them perform the best. In the end, it is all about collecting their information and turning them into qualified leads, i.e. seeing results. It may take a little extra creativity and a tad bit more time, but testing to see what works benefits your company’s bottom line, period.

Landing pages are critical to any effective Inbound marketing strategy. Implement these tips, and start seeing results now!