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Weekly Roundup: Our Favorite Articles and Infographics from Around the Web

Why Millenials are Ending the 9 to 5 by Forbes

We talk a lot about upcoming trends in the way a company operates and how their culture must evolve, and this article spells if out pretty nicely. It we want to harness the brain power of this new generation, we need to keep up with the times. Of course, change is always scary, but this is the dawning of a new age (insert Imagine Dragons, Radioactive song here). 


3 Scientific Ways to Great Team Chemistry by Jessica Stillman on

Creating harmony within a team is critical to success. People who enjoy working together usually get more done, are more efficient, and simply, more happy than those that don't. In this article, Jessica names 3 peices of the puzzle that need to fit before productivity and success soars. She has some great tips on the unconventional career path, as well as the evolving business world. 

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30 Marketing Statistics You Shouldn't Miss by Optimind on MarketingTechBlog