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BusinessEssentials Case Study: ProRehab


The BusinessEssentials Client:  ProRehab Chiropractic Wellness Center,

Representative from ProRehab: Kyle Tetz, DC

The problem ProRehab needed to solve: We needed an effective and affordable way to reach out to our patients with direct marketing with the ability to personalize their letters. 

Why BusinessEssentials Over Competitors:  It is a user-friendly software that is simple to use, customizable and traceable for any email campaigns. 

How BusinessEssentials has affected ProRehab:  We now have an on-going internal marketing plan that helps us educate our patients and draws awareness to chiropractic care.

What BusinessEssentials Functionality is Key:  ProRehab mainly uses the email builder and tracking features to see how many responses we get to our campaigns. Additionally, we use BusinessEssentials to automatically generate and send out Thank You, Welcome and Happy Birthday emails. 

What is the ROI:  BusinessEssentials allows us to track who uses coupons for any promotions we run and because of this specific feature, we can honestly say that the software pays for itself.  We always have patients talking about our health and wellness topics.  With that being said, the educational aspect of ongoing emails is priceless.  

How does BusinessEssentials impact strategy:  Each month we become more aware of what intrigues our patients by using the email tracking feature.  Therefore, we are marketers that are more efficient and better educators for our clients, resulting in us becoming increasingly more valuable to them.

ProRehab recommends BusinessEssentials:  I suggest business owners start using the BusinessEssentials software and stop paying high fees for someone else to do your email marketing. The program is simple and fun to use and if you ever need help the support team is always there.