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BusinessEssentials Case Study: Fabio Ceresa & Associates

The BusinessEssentials Client:  Fabio Ceresa & Associates provide clients with unparalleled service in both real estate brokerage and consulting. A commercial real estate broker, specializing in leasing, sales and management of commercial offices, warehouses and medical facilities, improved and unimproved vacant land and 1031 tax deferred exchanges.

Representative from FC&A Interviewed: Fabio Ceresa

The Problem FC&A Needed to Solve:  FC&A needed a customer relationship management (CRM) system. As real estate professionals, we have an ongoing list of clients, potential clients, as well as other professional relationships. When you meet as many people as we do every day, it is crucial to have one place where we can input all of their data, and more importantly, customize it to meet our needs.

In addition, there was a dire need to implement an email-marketing platform. We wanted to be able to send out monthly emails featuring our newest properties, notable sales, as well as industry news.

The Industry Challenge:  The biggest challenge within the commercial real estate industry is keeping track of clients and potential clients. BusinessEssentials allows brokers to create different groups, which is ideal for keeping all of the contacts organized. We work in many different sectors, and being able to keep them categorized in groups allows us to target each sector more efficiently. It also allows the business to give specific brokers access to only the groups and features that they needed access to.

The filters in the email marketing function are also great in being able to target EXACTLY who we want to. Because brokers are so flooded with emails each day they have become accustomed to hitting the delete button before they even open the email. Being able to house and track the data in BusinessEssentials is so perfect for this. Having the analytics that BusinessEssentials provides further proves that targeting emails has resulted in a better click-through rate for us.

Why BusinessEssentials Over Competitors:  We originally heard about BusinessEssentials from a fellow Real Estate developer. He was just using the email marketing system at the time. He referred us over to the service, and as we were going through the website, we noticed the many different features and components BusinessEssentials has to offer. It is the only software we had found that has everything housed under one roof. We didn’t need to have SalesForce, Constant Contact, and whatever other “one trick pony” platforms existed out there, because BusinessEssentials was all of them combined. BusinessEssentials is the most cost effective solution that we’ve found. The real estate industry was at a huge low when we made a decision to step up our game, and there was really no room for wasteful spending. Moreover, BusinessEssentials pays for itself over and over again.

What BusinessEssentials Functionality is Key:  Initially, I was only interested in the CRM aspect of the system. Excel sheets just weren’t working for us anymore. After playing around with the CRM, I wanted to start sending out monthly newsletters as well. At first, I was hesitant because we had no design background. Fortunately, my assistant was able to easily use the templates and create some pretty awesome looking newsletters. When she showed me how easy it was, I was truly impressed.

FC&A now uses the CRM, Email Marketing, and Project management function. We are still in the process of exploring the project management feature, but so far we are thoroughly satisfied in the growth.

What is the ROI:  From within the company, we have seen greater integration and efficiency among our brokers. FC&A is easily able to track our opportunities and activities with potential clients. This has resulted in building better relationships with our clients and allows FC&A to run our business more effectively.

From a profit standpoint, we cannot say we have sold more buildings because of BusinessEssentials, but we certainly think that we can attribute our recent success to our organization and efficient use of BusinessEssentials CRM and email marketing functions. I truly believe that the value here is being able to keep up with our relationships, and staying top of mind, so that when people are ready to buy or sell property, they look to us.

What’s Next?:  Moving forward, FC&A would like to get our entire team integrated into the system. We plan to explore the project management and calendaring functions a bit more. In addition, we are looking into building websites for each group that will allow us to feature properties and upcoming events. I love that each group can have a website and blog. This is really helpful, again, for organization. I also think our clients and potential clients really appreciate this, since they only see and get the information that is pertinent to them.

Why FC&A recommends BusinessEssentials?:  I would recommend spending a lot of time in the system, discovering all the different features and functions. I’m not going to say that it is all a breeze to figure out, but BusinessEssentials has a support team that has been extremely helpful. They are great at answering your questions quickly. I move fast, so this is important.

After experiencing BusinessEssentials, I would never be without a CRM again. I think any business that has clients/potential clients/ customers NEEDS a CRM. It is the most effective way to make sure you are following up and tracking all of your activity.

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