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How Did Email Perform in Q4?

Email Marketing

As we have mentioned many times before, Email is one of the most effective ways to reach your target market. However, these days, our inboxes seem to be overwhelmed with newsletters, and it can be quite off putting, but with the right strategy in place, email campaigns remain efficient, cost-effective, and successful.

Return Path’s Q4 Email Intelligence Report was just released, and we wanted to share some of the findings with you, our savvy sales and marketing pros.

What were the top industries with the greatest open rates?

  • The finance, real estate, insurance, and brokerage industries achieved an open rate of 27.5%, a 10% increase from last quarter. The B2B and other business industries achieved a 24.3%, up from only 17% last quarter. This ought to be encouraging to our business and finance sectors out there!

What industries saw the greatest decline?

  • The jobs industry, as well as news providers and travel sites experienced the greatest drops in read rates. However, this could be due to the busy holiday season. The holidays often experience a decline in open rates because of the constant inundation of newsletters containing, holiday specials, promotions, etc. Having all of these in your inbox can be exhausting during this busy time.

So, what does this all mean? As a marketer, you must aim to develop a trusted relationship with your subscribers. Subscribers are more likely to open newsletters from brand’s they trust are going to provide them with value and relevant content. Subject lines were another huge factor in open rates. For example, messages that were obvious in nature as a marketing piece received a much lower open rate than those newsletters that mentioned percent off and free shipping. With so little time  and so many emails, readers are often accessing their inboxes via their mobile, so it is crucial that your subject line be short, straightforward, and telling the reader exactly what they will find if they choose to open your email.

Another result from Q4: Yep, you guessed it- Mobile. More people opened emails on their mobile devices than ever before. This is even more of a reason to ensure that all emails, templates, text, and images are optimized for mobile. Mobile can no longer be ignored, but your emails will be if they are hard to look at or navigate on a Smartphone or tablet.

Based on the above findings, it is clear that the world of email as we know it is shifting, but having this knowledge, allows us to adapt with this evolving ecosystem. It is more important than ever to implement a well thought out and developed email marketing strategy in order to win over the hearts of your current and potential customers. With such competition, nailing both your layouts as well as subject lines is pertinent to any email campaign’s success. AND, as we always say, “Content is King.” Always give them what they want and need from you. This will ensure they keep clicking on your emails over and over again.