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Rocking the Socks Off of Your Small Business in 2013

Small Business is the cornerstone of our economy. BusinessEssentials was founded and developed by entrepreneurs, who saw the need to make it easier to run and grow a business. We wanted to go back to the basics with this post, and give you tips and tricks for starting and nurturing your new business in 2013. Business Success

1. The Business Model. Just as you would not go on a road trip without a map, starting a business without a business model is like driving blindly. Your business plan is your road map guiding you through the process of starting this business, and making sure you reach all of your goals. Of course, as you continue to grow your business, the business plan can change, but a solid foundation will make for a more effective and efficient beginning of your journey.

2. Define Who You Are. This is branding. Who are you and what are you doing that is different? Answering these not so simple questions will be the start to your company’s branding strategy. You need to develop a brand that is recognizable, relatable, and appealing to your target marketing and beyond. Branding includes your messaging, logo, design, and overall personality behind your business.

3. Realize your target market. Your brand is not going to be for everyone, so don’t try to make it so. Once you have figured out how you are different from your competitors, you must define your niche and develop a marketing strategy that speaks to this audience.

4. Make use of technology. The latest trends in tech, including social, mobile, business operating systems, etc are not only inexpensive, but also effective tools to help get your business off the ground. Chances are, starting out, your business does not have sufficient funds to invest your resources  in PR, marketing, or expensive software. Well, luckily for all of you entrepreneurs out there, many digital tools exist which are geared to help small business. For example, business operating systems, like BusinessEssentials, provides users with a user-friendly all –in-one solution to consolidate, simplify and automate your daily sales and marketing operations at a reasonable price. Social media and blogs are key tools for marketing your business online and publish relevant content. Technology has really opened up a number of doors for small businesses that were not necessarily readily available 5 years ago.

5. Master the Art of Networking. Connecting with other business professionals is another inexpensive, yet highly effective way of building your network of referrals, potential customers, partners, etc. Networking should take place both on and offline. LinkedIn as well as Google+ Communities are great online sites to network. Attending networking events will also expand your physical network in your city and beyond.

6. Know when to delegate. When starting a business it is normal for those involved to wear many hats. With so much to do, and limited funds, it is important that everyone knows where they stand and what their focus should be on when it comes to managing, developing, and growing your business. Matching the right people to the right job has the ability to make or break your business.

Although, these seem to be common sense, it is surprising how many businesses do not implement these simple practices. Refer back to our recent blog posts 6 Ways to Market Your Business on A Budget, as well as 3 Tips for Creating Inspired Online Content to kick-start your marketing efforts for your small business today.