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CRM Trends to Look Out for in 2013.

CRM is becoming a business term that most sales professionals can no longer ignore. 2013 will bring more challenges than before, but along with these challenges comes the opportunity for growth and vast discovery in the sales and marketing industry.

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To prepare you for the year ahead, we wanted to outline  some CRM trends  to keep an eye out for in 2013.

1. Social media, again. Yes, we know what you’re thinking; Social media is not new, however, until this art has been perfected, it will continue to top the charts as a marketing medium to stay current on. Social media is an ever changing platform to reach your audience and you will want to continually learn what’s new Your biggest focus for social media in 2013 should be engaging your audience by creating shareable content. We will go blue in the face talking about content creation, but this content is what is going to separate your from your competitors. Social sites are increasingly indexed by Search Engines requiring the content you put out there to be optimized and consistent with your keywords and brand’s messaging.

2. Big Data. I’m sure you have heard the term ‘Big Data’ floating around, well, it is developing a larger role in the CRM world.  Big data IS working, especially in the realm of marketing automation.  Collecting behavioral information about people who interact with email marketing, take surveys, visit websites, make conversions, or other parts of a business's sales, marketing, and operations is only useful when that data can easily by used and manipulated.  An integrated system that ties all of the pieces together is the only way a small or mid-sized business can do this, and that's where companies like BusinessEssentials step in.

3. Make your mark, everywhere! One outlet doesn’t cut it anymore, you’ve got to go multi-channel with your marketing. Online, traditional, and very importantly this year, mobile, are going to be the key channels to broadcast your content. Make it easy for your customers to access whichever channels they feel most comfortable interacting with. Make use of QR codes to lead them your sites, which you can now efficiently do with BusinessEssentials. Incorporating multiple social channels like website, mobile, traditional, and other non-traditional forms of marketing allows you, as the user, to get the best bang for your buck. We know it  is a lot of work, but this is where BusinessEssentials works its magic!

4. The Customer Experience. With more choices than ever before, the experience a customer has to interact with your brand is crucial to your success in 2013. In order to beat your competitors and win over your consumers, it is important to provide top-notch customer service. Every stage of a customer’s experience must exceed expectations if you plan on holding on to them in the future. This means, both online, offline, mobile, etc. With so many avenues for a customer to come by, it is important that each one exude the same message of “this is why you should choose us.” Using tactics like ticketing systems, webinars, loyalty programs, etc go a long way in the customer’s eyes, and makes it easier for all departments within the company to gauge how they are performing.

These are just a few of our predictions for this year! Stay tuned for more information about how using the data in your CRM can boost sales and help your business thrive.