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6 Ways to Market Your Business on a Budget 

People often ask us the best ways to market their small business without a huge marketing budget. The truth of the matter is sometimes the most effective marketing strategies are the least expensive methods. In this blog post, we are going to share what we have found are some of the most effective, and budget friendly ways, to successfully market your business.

1. Blog. Blog. Blog. One of the most effective ways, to not only increase search engine visibility and showcase your expertise in an industry, is to blog about it. Blogging is a great way to get content out there. The more content you put out to the public the more visibility you will have. Also, don’t forget to keep your blogs consistent. In order to give your blog some traction, 2-3 blog posts per week should be sufficient.  If you really want to set it off, why not supercharge your blog with one post a day for a couple of weeks. This is great for search engine optimization.

2. Social Networking, duh! Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ are all great social networks to start promoting your business. A Facebook business page gives you a chance to connect with your loyal customers on a more personal level. Twitter is a great place to search for topics and conversations trending in your industry. Search a keyword, and then jump into the conversation. Having both a company LinkedIn profile as well as a personal LinkedIn profile are great ways to network with professionals in your industry. LinkedIn groups are also an effective way to share your thoughts and knowledge about topics you know the most about. Join groups, create groups, and start showing you know what you’re talking about. Google+ allows you to connect and engage with other companies, as a company instead of as an individual. Join Google+ Communities, to share your ideas, blog, etc.

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3. Give your two cents. Commenting on other people’s blog posts is one way to get your name out there. However, don’t just comment, provide useful and relevant commentary that others will find valuable. Also, stay away from self-promoting when you comment, act as a respectful and esteemed member of the blogging community.

4. Participate! Contribute articles and blog posts on industry websites that are insightful and thought provoking to its readers. Acting as a contributor to a blog or website gives you a chance to, again, get your name out there and highlight yourself as a leader and industry expert. Many industry specific blogs and websites accept contributions from guest bloggers and article writers. Seek out as many of these opportunities as you can. As we have stated earlier, the more content out there associated with your name and business the better.

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5. Like when you were a kid… share. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised to learn how many people forget this simple step…Share your business with your friends! Invite them to ‘Like’ your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, share your website, etc. You have already built a pretty significant network by just living, so why not use this as a base and spread your reach from there. Your friends, who would most likely be happy to help, have a whole other network that you may not have been able to reach that they can give your business access to.

6. Keep in touch. Send out an eNewsletter and stay in front of your customers on a monthly basis. Give them a reason to read your newsletter, and to keep coming back for more. Using a service like BusinessEssentials to maintain your contacts, send out newsletters, track website visitors, etc is a great way to start capturing leads and providing for a better customer experience. Provide your email list with special promotions, valuable industry insight, new blog posts, and any other interesting content that your readers would find relevant.

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BusinessEssentials mission is to help your business succeed, so stay tuned for more tips on marketing on a budget!