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Top Three Marketing Trends for 2013: Part One

2012 saw the rise and fall of different marketing strategies. Social and mobile continue to grow, email marketing remains one of the best ways to connect, and the social networks made many changes to their systems, altering the landscape of social media for businesses. 2013 is quickly approaching and another chance for businesses to revamp their marketing efforts to meet the impending trends.

Marketing trends you will likely see in the new year:

1. The Instant Gratification trend: The moment a customer clicks on your website or any of your social networks, and like it or not, they are going to have an opinion, good or bad. An elementary website and unpopulated Facebook or Twitter page doesn’t cut it anymore. Essentially, what you are creating is an “online billboard” which  needs to be aesthetically pleasing, user friendly, and informative. Without these key components, chances are you will lose new customers and potentially old ones.

Instant Gratification

Make sure that your content is constantly updated, fresh and informative. Customers and potential clients want to see that you know what you are talking about, and do not want to have to search high and low to find out. Make your expertise, your product, and your information readily and easily available.

2. The Mobile trend. Smartphones are the present and will still be the future. Some even say that mobile browsing may surpass desktop browsing sooner than we expected. According to this infographic, mobile search has grown over 500% in the past year, and since 2011, 45% of the world’s population is on a 3G network allowing for faster and more accessible mobile browsing. If you do not believe us, read our recent blog post on mobile marketing.

Emails, websites, facebook pages, etc all need to be mobile friendly. With so many people opening emails and browsing the net via their phones, if neither one of those looks visually appealing on their phone, or if it takes too long to load, chances are you will lose that customer. Majority of people do so much of their work on a phone, that not succumbing to being ‘mobile friendly’ could potentially hurt your business.

Another mobile trend is SMS marketing, or the strategy of targeting SMS messages to your contacts. Again, for more information on mobile marketing and why it is important, please visit our recent Mobile Marketing blog post.

3. The Marketing Automation trend. We believe that in 2013, we will see increased use of marketing automation. As marketing automation becomes better understood, and its benefits realized, more businesses will start to implement these practices into their marketing strategies.


Marketing automation allows a business to automate processes that normally would have taken more time and effort, detracting from other important business operations. With systems like BusinessEssentials and FreshEmail, users can easily and quickly setup automated emails to go out to customers, leads and opportunities.

For more information on marketing automation, please revisit our blog Marketing Automation best practices.

Check back next week for more 2013 marketing trends to look out for!