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3 Tips for Creating Inspired Online Content 

Creating content for your blog, websites, newsletters, and social media sites can seem like an arduous task. Sometimes the ideas and words flow, while other times it seems as though you’ve hit a wall. This is natural for all writers and marketers alike. It isn’t easy coming up with the perfect content every time which is why we want to share with you a couple of our tips on how we keep the content coming.  

Dare to show your personality. Don’t overthink it. Creating content needs to be natural. No content is perfect, and if you are waiting for it to be perfect, you may be waiting a long time. Take risks with your writing style. You do not need to be overly formal just because you think it makes you sound important. What’s important is that you sound real; someone that your readers can relate to.

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Show your personality in your content, and keep consistent with your brand’s messaging. You have a voice, and so does your business. Use it. Don’t stick to boring, conventional and text book talk, dare to put your own spin on it. People identify with personalities, and content that speaks to them keeps those readers coming back for more.

Do not try to sell your product in every piece of content that you put out there. Show your readers and potential customers you know what you are talking about by discussing the industry and illustrating your knowledge of more than just your product or service.

You can always reference your product in your content, but make sure to give people information that they can use in their lives. What kind of information, relevant to your industry, will they find helpful? A retail clothing store, for example, might share new trends, what celebrities are wearing, etc that is not specifically about the retail store. Driving people to your website/blog/social media is the hardest part, so put content out there that makes them come back for more.

Take a breather. Get inspired. Keep all of your favorite blogs, both industry related and not, in your Bookmarks. When you are stuck, go read them. See if something they talk about sparks an idea or a question in your head. Et voila…now you have potential content. Inspiration comes from all places, and just because another sparked it, doesn’t mean your content isn’t original. Just because you were inspired by another does not mean the idea that you come up with around that inspiration isn’t original content.If that’s not your style, do something that clears your mind. A walk in the park or on the beach, a swim, hike, a workout can all spark inspiration. It is when you stop thinking so hard that you can find what speaks to you.

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Once you have a few ideas in mind, write them down and keep an ongoing list of potential content ideas. This way you have a stock pile of them, so when you are struggling to write your next piece, just reference your little black book of ideas.

Content is king, and creating great content isn’t always easy. Reference BusinessEssentials blog for more ideas on how to create compelling content, and look out for a BusinessEssentials eBook, Creating Compelling Content.