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BusinessEssentials Upgrades Their Social Component, Making the Ability to Manage Facebook Business Pages a Breeze

San Diego - December 3, 2012 -BusinessEssentials, the world’s first business operating system, released an upgrade to their already well-designed Social module last week. BusinessEssentials users now have the option to share only Facebook pages instead of a full profile with select BusinessEssentials shared access users, increasing both the privacy and usability of the social component. 

"Social media has become the norm, and it is important that we have a system in place that allows users to manage their social networks right from within their BusinessEssentials account," Lars Helgeson, CEO and Founder, states. "Initially, the user had to connect their personal Facebook page to access their Facebook business pages. Now, we have improved the system to allow select users to view just the Facebook pages they monitor, instead of both the personal and business pages."

Facebook Pages

Social media managers and others who monitor a business’ social media benefit from this upgrade, as they no longer have to access business pages via a personal page. As the saying goes, "Never mix business with pleasure" and that is exactly what BusinessEssentials is accomplishing with this enhanced functionality. 

BusinessEssentials is already well known for it’s ability to be highly customized, but this capability increases both customization, and illustrates BusinessEssentials commitment to the users and their privacy. This feature is included in your BusinessEssentials subscription and can be accessed at any time. 

This new upgrade can be accessed at anytime from within your BusinessEssentials account. The account manager can easily go in and make visible any Facebook business pages that he/she would like others to manage and track