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The Importance of Mobile Marketing

You have heard of mobile marketing, but have yet to try it out. Well guess what? Now is your chance! With BusinessEssentials recent upgrade to our SMS System, implementing successful mobile marketing campaigns is easier than ever before.

So, why mobile marketing? Well there are 4 billion mobile phones in the world and 27% of those, or 1.08 billion are smartphones and 3.05 billion phones have SMS capabilities. These numbers reinforce that the new age of marketing requires marketers to go even further, reaching their audience where they are…on their phones. If that isn’t enough, the rate at which mobile browsing is growing will surpass desktop Internet use by 2014! That is not that far away!

People use their phones at work, while eating, watching TV, and even, working out. They access coupons and location based promotions via mobile. With these stats, you really can’t argue that mobile is the new billboard.

Mobile Marketing One

Here are just a few of the reasons to use mobile marketing:

1. Almost everyone has a cell phone. Mobile marketing allows you to reach people all over the world with a single SMS message.

2. Provides consistent brand exposure. Keep your messaging consistent and stay at the forefront of your customers  mind when you reach out via mobile.  

3. Allows you to acquire quality prospects. If an individual responds to your SMS campaign, chances are they are interested in what you have to offer. This gives you the perfect opportunity to follow up with them.

4. SMS marketing is versatile and can be used for more than just promotional material. Use SMS messages to remind people of events, inform people of updates, issues or problems, as well as the release of new products and services.

5. Open rates are better with texts! People are more likely to read your text messages than emails! Have you ever received a mobile marketing campaign?

6. SMS messages instantly reach your target audience faster than any other form of marketing.

7. SMS campaigns are cost efficient. Implementing SMS campaigns are much less expensive than other forms of direct marketing.

8. It’s green! Sending a SMS doesn’t require a print out!

9. SMS campaigns are highly targeted, so you make sure that only the people who need to receive your message, do.

10. Redemption rates tend to be higher with mobile marketing over other traditional marketing tactics. They are more likely to pay attention to a text than a direct mail, email or even a Tweet or status update.

Mobile Marketing 2

The trend towards mobile marketing is no surprise and more people are using cell phones and smart phones in their daily lives for almost anything imaginable. If you have yet to see great success with your other marketing tactics, why not give mobile marketing a try? Now, with your BusinessEssentials account, you have full access to our new and improved SMS System!

Stay tuned for more blog posts about how you can use your BusinessEssentials account to setup a successful mobile marketing campaign.

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