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Is Your Website Ready for the Holidays?

There is no getting around it. The Holidays are officially here. Most businesses start their holiday marketing just before Halloween to get people ‘in the mood.’ Holiday shoppers, especially Moms, everywhere start scouring the Internet for steals and deals online. Now the people are eager to get a jumpstart on the holidays, but are you ready?


To get your business ready for the Holiday swarm, we wanted to share with you the best ways to make sure your website is “Holiday Frenzy Ready.”

1. Make sure your site is up to date and populated with fresh and relevant content and mobile friendly. Gauge what the user experience is like. You need to see what your website looks like both online and on mobile. Also, keep your website content relevant to the current holidays and make your promotions stand out! 

2. Make sure you can track your entire website’s activity. You want to be able to see who is clicking where, how long they are staying, and where they are coming from. This will allow you to better understand which aspects of your marketing are working and which could be reworked.

3. Don’t let traffic to your site slow you down. If users have a bad experience and your page takes too long to load, chances are they will not come back to buy.

4. Keep your social media consistent with your website. If you have holiday cheer spread all over your site, then make sure that your social media sites portray the same.Shop Keyboard

5. Price your products appropriately. With the upcoming Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, it is important to give your customers the best price out there. The holidays are a very competitive time, and being known as the ‘best deal on the web’ will surely increase the influx of potential buyers.

6. Ensure your customer service is up to par. With more people visiting your website everyday, the more chances there are for customer service opportunities. Having a well staffed, polite, and savvy customer service team allows for a better user/shopper experience. Think about having a special meeting with your staff to address this and prep them for all the holiday specials you might be offering.

7. Reward loyalty. Customers who come back time and time again deserve to be rewarded. The fact is that they are probably responsible for a few other buyers on your site as well! Perhaps incorporate some sort of promo code for past buyers, or even host a pre-sale event for preferred customers.

So, there you have it. These are just a few ways that you can get your website “Holiday Ready.” The time is now! Do not be left in the dust this holiday season!

Remember, if you are using a BusinessEssentials powered website then you have all the tools necessary to make these changes to both your website and marketing campaigns. Don’t hesitate to contact our support staff with any questions you may have, we are Holiday Ready!