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ProRehab Chiropractic Wellness Center


ProRehab Chiropractic Wellness Center is San Diego’s premier practice to go in search of a chiropractic wellness program. ProRehab offers a number of different services and commits to providing a completely customized program for any patient’s particular situation.

San Diego is an active community, and most of us San Diegans, especially athletes can benefit from any of ProRehab’s top-notch services.

ProRehab’s services include:

-       Chiropractic Care

-       Massage Therapy

-       Spinal Rehab

-       Sports Injury Rehab

-       Auto Accident Rehab

-       Corrective Exercises

-       Postural Training

-       Nutritional Counseling

-       Take Shape for Life (Medifast)

-       HeathBoost21 Day Detox Cleanse

-       Custom Orthotics

With so many different patients with a variety of needs, it is important that ProRehab is able to keep each patient organized, as well as send customized messages to each one. BusinessEssentials has helped them effectively put in place a strategic online marketing campaign that fits their business’ needs.

Kyle Tetz, Doctor of Chiropratic at ProRehab, gave the following testimonial on how BusinessEssentials is beneficial for their everyday business operations. “BusinessEssentials has enabled my chiropractic practice to effectively put in place a marketing campaign and educate my patients with personalized monthly wellness newsletters. Within minutes, I can easily design a professional newsletter and monitor my campaign by using BusinessEssentials tracking system.”

Kyle Tetz ProRehab

Kyle and the rest of the ProRehab team routinely use BusinessEssentials to stay in touch with their clients by sending welcome letters, thank you notes, and birthday cards. They can easily organize their contacts and make sure each one has the correct information with BusinessEssentials CRM. The integrated system allows each member of the team to better serve each patient, as anyone who is in need of the information has access to it.

When we spoke with Kyle, he mentioned that he had “always outsourced his marketing, but that nothing has been easier to use or more cost-effective than BusinessEssentials”. Between the CRM, email marketing, surveys, and many of our other features, ProRehab is a prime example of how BusinessEssentials is helping them solve their everyday marketing problems, and enhancing their reputation.

Visit their website for their list of services, FAQs, and much more!