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BusinessEssentials Featured User: Sustainable Surplus

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Sustainable Surplus is one San Diego business making moves towards a better community this fall. For over two years, Sustainable Surplus has been recycling San Diego business’ unused assets and surplus items back into schools, universities, as well as non-profit and charitable organizations.

With the current state of the economy, it is nice to see a company so dedicated to giving back to our San Diego community. Along with repurposing the trashed assets of a company, Sustainable Surplus is also committed to educating others on sustainability by reducing the carbon footprint of waste by keeping it out of the landfills.

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Too often, useful and usable materials are simply thrown away by large corporations with no need for them. Although, they might not need them, others may find them quite helpful. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. We have all heard that before, and Sustainable Surplus works to make sure this trash becomes some organization’s game-changing treasure.

Products they offer for exchange come in the 10 following categories: 


  • Consumables
  • Electronics
  • FREE Stuff
  • Furnitureclassroom
  • IT equipment
  • Lab instruments
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Phones/Systems
  • Resusables
  • Tools/tooling devices

Check out some of their success stories on their website! 

Sustainable Surplus uses BusinessEssentials in more ways than one. Not only is their website built from a BusinessEssentials template, but they run their e-commerce store, member login, events, CRM and much more via BusinessEssentials.

BusinessEssentials has been an incredibly effective CRM tool for Sustainable Surplus. This is such an all-encompassing program that has the capacity to grow with the organization,” explains Sue Prelozne, Owner of Sustainable Surplus. “Its technical support staff is very responsive! We have new sign-ups almost every day and we definitely benefit from the ability to track our results of our online campaigns. By gauging website page visits, BusinessEssentials helps us understand our visitor’s interests.”

As you can see, Sustainable Surplus has been able to use BusinessEssentials on a deeper level, really exploring its many capabilities and benefits. With so many moving pieces, companies, contacts, goods, etc, Sustainable Surplus relies on BusinessEssentials to keep their organization organized and running like an energy efficient machine!

For more information about Sustainable Surplus, visit their website to see what events they have coming up and how you can help!