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New BusinessEssentials Feature: Measure Your Social Media Campaigns

Measuring social media efforts has been a hot topic of conversation for years now. Determining what metrics are useful in highlighting your social media success is often up for debate, but we have nailed down a few to help you measure the effectiveness of your social media marketing efforts.

The ability to post on your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social networks has been a prominent feature of BusinessEssentials for some time, and our new metrics app enhances this function. Being able to gauge the success of your social media strategy allows you to adjust your messaging and approach in order to reach your business’ audience better.

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If you are actively using the BusinessEssentials Social Media Dashboard, you will have noticed that there is a set of numbers correlating with a specific metric. These numbers represent the effectiveness and reach of your social media strategy. Below we highlight these terms and what they mean to you.


Conversation – Conversation measures the number of replies to your posts across your social networks. It is a good way to determine if your message is engaging your listeners. The "Conversation" metric will give you a base number that determines how effective your message is at garnering responses from your listeners.

Amplification – Amplification measures how effective your posts are at eliciting shares and re-tweets. When your listeners are more engaged, and see your post as having value, they are more likely to share your posts with their friends, fans and followers.

Applause - The Applause metric provides a way of gathering insight into your listeners' likes and favorites. A lesser measurement, but also very insightful, is the number of "Likes" or "Favorites" your posts generate.

Impact - This is a weighted average of Conversation, Amplification, and Applause, coupled with additional calculations that take into account several other factors, to provide a solid metric of the overall impact of your messages on your audience.

Interest - Interest shows you the bottom line: are your posts driving traffic to your sites? This metric identifies how much your listeners click on your links.

These measurements point towards your likeability and basic brand image. The higher the score the better, but it is important to also take into account the quality of your fans, followers, and conversations. Often times in social media, quality can trump quantity, but it is important for you to know where your numbers are. That being said, quality can be directly correlated to quantity because the more valuable and relevant content you broadcast, the more likely you are to get engagement from your fans and followers.


BusinessEssentials new social metrics feature is a great way for your company to gauge its social media marketing successes and where it could use help. Take advantage of the tools available through your BusinessEssentials account to use your presence on social media to attract customers and grow your influence.

Stay tuned for a full BusinessEssentials Whitepaper on Social Media Marketing and Measurement.