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Business Essentials: The All-in-One Marketing System that Converts Cold Leads into Customers...on Autopilot


A proven solution for your business to attract more customers, boost conversions, and sky-rocket the bottom line – NO extra staff or time required!

Imagine knowing exactly when any prospect is most likely to buy from you, and then automatically alerting your sales team that “it’s time.” Sounds almost too good to be true, right?


 Guess what – with Business Essentials, you will always know best when and how to close the sale. Our system of customer relations management is light-years ahead of other solutions, and here’s why:

 Business Essentials shows what marketing strategies work for you. It records and lets you analyze every interaction prospects and customers have with your business.

 Whether they respond to an email, visit a website or contact you by phone, the data will show if what you’re doing is making you money. And that’s the true measure of successful marketing.

 Based on where a prospect is in the buying cycle, Business Essentials puts them into a custom-made sales funnel that’s most likely to convert them. And this is all done on autopilot.

You can focus on growing your business and enjoy peace of mind, knowing that your marketing system is pumping out sales 24/7!


Intelligent Email Marketing that Learns

 Which way are you likely to make more money:

      cross using a “one-size-fits-all” marketing approach to all prospects;



 taking the time to learn what makes them respond better and focusing on that?


Our email solution lets you do just that. It’s fully integrated with your customer relations management, so it can “learn” about your prospects, put them on the best sales path based on their individual sales triggers and automatically increase the likelihood of conversion.

 Business Essentials makes it easy to find out what motivates each and every prospect in your sales funnel, each one gets a custom-tailored marketing program designed just for them...all without you lifting a finger.

 You can set it and forget it, and watch the money roll in! 


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 Spot Your Best Prospects with Our Cutting-Edge Analytics – and Focus on THEM, not on the Losers!

 Business Essentials can help you to go for the prospects that are most likely to buy from you, and not waste time on deadbeats who will never pay. What’s your current lead conversion rate? Using Business Essentials, you could increase it by 50% or more – sky is the limit when you can focus on the highest ROI!

 Our advanced solution helps you spot your “hottest” leads at exactly the right time, allowing you to take action and close the sale. It’s possible with a combination of demographic information and the detailed record of actions any particular prospect takes.

 Using this data, you can set up Business Essentials to alert you (or your sales team) whenever a prospect crosses a threshold that indicates they’re ready to buy.


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 A Complete End-to-End Marketing Solution

 Stand-alone “solutions” that don’t integrate or “talk” to each other aren’t really solutions at all. We spared no effort to ensure that our system does everything right:

tick       Our email marketing is tailored to synergize with your customer relations management;


tick Our analytics can tell you what your best prospects are and what appeals to them;


 tickOur marketing solution is endlessly customizable, so you can focus only on what works and earns you money, not wasting time on anything else;


      tick Our system is fully integrated, so you can manage everything from one central location, creating new campaigns, websites and landing pages with a couple of clicks.


Speaking of “customizable” – with Business Essentials, you can take advantage of any marketing channel you need to succeed.

 We are about much more than just email marketing and analytics – we let you craft the best possible marketing strategy to fit your target audience. 

tick       Are they active on social media? You can manage all your social media accounts via Business Essentials, succeeding where others are overwhelmed.


tick       Do they love free (or paid) events? Our event management system makes them effortless to set up and track!


tick       Do they want the convenience of text message alerts? Our solution lets you set these up and make the most of this communication channel.


tick       Are they bargain hunters who never miss a sale? With Business Essentials, discounts and coupons are super-easy to make, distribute and manage!


Bottom line is, we know that you want to serve your customers as best you can. Business Essentials lets you do just that. With our system, you can create the ultimate experience for them – one that converts like crazy and makes you money!

From the moment a prospect makes the first contact with your company, everything is tracked, measured and gauged...and all of this information is processed through our system to give you the results you want.


It's time to stop missing out on business opportunities that your competitors are already taking advantage of. It's time to get in control, to earn more leads and close more sales than ever before.

It's time for Business Essentials!

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