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Automate Your Marketing and Bring in More Loyal, Paying Customers for Your Business, Today!

What if you could build an automated marketing system that would convert LEADS into LOYAL CUSTOMERS – completely on autopilot, whether you work, travel, or sleep?

Introducing Business Essentials – an end-to-end marketing solution to your business problems, one that will sell to your prospects AUTOMATICALLY without your lifting a finger.


Maximize your productivity by overcoming one of business’s greatest challenges.  Insidious time-leaches creep into your business and steal your productivity, bit by bit, until you find yourself buried in minutiae, paperwork and marketing tedium.  Your focus deteriorates.  You lose more and more of your ability to stay on top with vision and creativity.

What if you could wave a magic wand and a genius business gnome appeared to take care of all that tedium that takes you away from your true job?  What if that same gnome could take it a step further to manage your marketing, manage your leads, manage your e-mails and a long list of other time-intensive tasks that have to be done every single day … all of those little tasks that leach away your productivity? 

Business Essentials provides you with that magic business gnome – a dedicated worker for savvy leaders with true vision – like you!  It comes in the form of marketing automation system … all you could ever dream of … to manage every detail on your marketing list.

For instance, using our marketing solution, you can:

·         Get more leads into your sales funnel for increased revenue. Using Business Essentials, you can automate and customize your client acquisition to bring in exactly the leads you want, 24/7. You can create and test new methods to qualify leads in a matter of minutes, and take your sales funnel from good to AWESOME in far less time!

·         Boost click-through rates and conversions with our e-mail customization. Forget about MailChimp or Constant Contact – they have nothing on our email marketing solution! Endlessly customizable, Business Essentials lets you go as targeted as you need with your drip campaigns, down to the level of individual prospects (if you wanted to). And guess what people do when a business responds to their individual needs – they buy more, and happily so!

·         Re-target, Follow Up and Convert Warm Leads that Slip Away. Even if your sales funnel is airtight, some warm prospects will be the ones that got away – it happens. But here’s what we can help you do about it… Business Essentials tracks every single interaction visitors have with your business. If they were on the verge of a purchase and changed their mind, our system can bring them back and finish that sale. Imagine if you could re-direct prospects back to your product once they’ve slipped, and sell to them again more persuasively… This alone could be worth thousands for your bottom line!

·         De-mystify social media marketing and make it rewarding. Everybody wants to be a social media wizard nowadays. We would all love it if thousands of passionate people promoted our products through their personal networks – who wouldn’t? Business Essentials will help you manage all of your social media marketing from a single location, taking away 90% of the hassle. We make the task of spreading your brand message and, ultimately, turning customers into loyal fans that much easier.

·         Create professional-looking websites with a couple of clicks. Let’s face it – everyone and everything are expected to have a nice-looking website in this day and age. Or several – or dozens of them, if you are a bigger business! And professional web design isn’t cheap. But even here, we’ve got you covered. Business Essentials lets you set up web sites and landing pages in just a couple of clicks. They will be live before you even finish your coffee! And your business will have quality representation online, so the customers know and trust you.


Imagine the potential of managing customer relations with a system as powerful and all-inclusive as Business Essentials. Think of the time – and money – you’ll save on costly additional solutions. More importantly, think of the money you’ll MAKE by attracting more leads, sky-rocketing conversions and increasing your bottom line as a result!

But here’s the best part – we are STILL just scratching the surface! There is more to our marketing solution than just automation, email marketing, website building and robust analytics. A lot more, in fact:

·         Text message marketing: Need to make prospects aware of discounted prices or brand-new products in a way that’s unmissable? Send a message on their cell phones! Business Essentials lets you use this most direct and effective channel of communication as effectively as possible.    

·         Creation, tracking and management of events: Free or paid, events do wonders for generating sales. But very few businesses make good use of them. With our system, event management couldn’t be easier – you can set up and track registration, payments, and attendance as easily as you would check your mail. Events are an excellent way to gain competitive edge and close lots of sales while you’re at it, and Business Essentials can help you make the most of them.

·         Business surveys: Companies that don’t pay attention to what their customers want are, well, doomed – sooner or later. Honest feedback is essential for growing a brand that inspires both loyalty and trust. With Business Essentials, you can quickly craft detailed surveys for your clients to fill out. They will help you gain deep insights into all the ways you can improve your business, making your customers happy so they continue to buy from you again and again. The secret behind every company’s soaring profits is listening to client feedback. Time to join those high-earners!

·         Project management: The line between managing and micro-managing is blurry – especially if you run a business. It’s easy to get swamped by dozens of tasks and lose track of what really matters – your goals. With Business Essentials, you will get your hands on a project management system that’s efficient, functional and robust to fulfill your needs. You will be able to schedule exactly what to do and when to do it, and not worry about every little detail. Instead, focus on growing your business and making more money!

Now let’s back up a bit and recall all the ways Business Essentials can make a gigantic difference in the success of your business:

          increased bottom line;

            numerous, higher-quality leads;

       stress-free automated marketing…

…and more!

We took no shortcuts and make no compromises to provide you with a five-star marketing system. But here’s the best – and only – way to make sure that it’s the right option for your business:


For two weeks, you can use Business Essentials to its full extent, however you want, to take your marketing – and, by extension, your business – to the next level. If you love it and decide to stay – welcome to the club of high-earners who value their time and resources! If you don’t – no worries, we hope that you find a solution that’s right for you.

Regardless, the trial won’t cost you a penny. For the low, low price of ZERO pounds and ZERO risk involved you can test-drive one of the most comprehensive marketing systems on the market. So what are you waiting for?

It's time for Business Essentials!

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It’s time to stop letting valuable prospects pass you by. Time to unlock the full potential of your business through smart automated marketing. Use Business Essentials to bring in loyal, top-quality customers on autopilot while you tend to growing and improving your company. You’ll be happy you did!

Yours for awesome prosperity,






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